BASSHOLES - Broke Chamber Music. Early 45's + unreleased - Double LP   (HATE 47)
Ltd. ed. 300 copies (first 50 cps pressed in "dirty-darkgreen" vinyl mail-order only)
with deluxe textured sleeve
Ltd. color vinyl = euro 25,00 / Black vinyl = euro 23,00
It includes most of the BEST Bassholes recordings (but it's not a "Best Of" since these tracks were not included on their LPs..!), all the non-LP tracks (A & B sides of the first singles, compil. trax + studio and live unreleased) from the first Bassholes line-up, with Don Howland and Rich Sims, PLUS the infamous "Funeral Home" demo tapes!! Mastered by Tim Warren.
Side 4 presents a totally unreleased and amazing Ann Arbor live set from 1994!


The GAGS - 1979+80: 18 never released punk gesange   (HATE 46)
ltd. 300 copies on green vinyl with deluxe color sleeve and poster insert = 17,00 euro
The Gags (ex Mittageisen-the band who released Milano punk first 7", the now hyper-rare "Hardcore/Transylvania1760") were the best kept secret of late '70s/early '80s Milano punk scene. After the widely acclaimed "Criss Cross" LP (HATE 29, published in 2004, and totally out of print since then) here we got this TOTALLY UNRELEASED "Gotterdammerung" LP, including 18 tracks from the Gags archives recorded between fall 1979/summer 1980 (sources: demos & rehearsal tapes).


HATE 'zine - 56 pages magazine + free 7" EP (w. P/S) = 10,00 euro
Includes a 7" EP with unreleased Don Howland, Bassholes, Lili Z and Alex Dissuader.
On the fanzine articles on DonHowland, MikeRep, PeterGreenberg, DavidPeel, RangerSound-RagazziDaiCapelliVerdi etc. WRITTEN IN ITALIAN but also with great discographies at the end of each article + the Cleveland Punk discography.
Still available (last few copies ever!!!) : HATE 'zine #8 (incl. free Gories/Lord High Fixers 7" w.unreleased stuff) Eur 10,00


CINECYDE - You Live A Lie, You're Gonna Die.
The Singles 1977-80 LP + 7" EP (HATE 43)
Blue vinyl edition (100 cps. ltd.) = 25 euro
Regular black vinyl edition (300 cps) = 20 euro

The TREND - Electric Chair / Band Aid 7" (HATE 42)
Green vinyl edition (100 cps. ltd.) = 10 euro   SOLD OUT
Regular black vinyl edition (200 cps) = 8 euro   SOLD OUT

The GIZMOS - Never Mind the Gizmos. Here’s the Gizmos LP (VULCHER 0007)
Ltd. 300 copies on red vinyl = 16 euro

The ROCKABILLY YOBS - (Gonna Beat You) Like A Red-Headed Stepchild/ How Bitchen Is That! 7" (VULCHER 009)
Ltd. 200 copies on pink vinyl = 10 euro